accent walls done reclaimed fence board

timber framing

also, as timber framing was seen as a cheaper way of building, often the visible structures of noble houses were in stone and bricks, and the invisible or lateral walls in timber framing. the openair museums of bokrijk and sainthubert fourneau saintmichel show many examples of belgian timber framing. many postandbeam houses can be found in cities and villages, but, unlike france, the united kingdom, and germany, there are few fully timber framed cityscapes.


with this being said, initiatives being done to reduce house costs for ecohouses is directed towards materials and the market. in decreasing material costs, ecohouse builders use reclaimed materials. ecohouse builders can also gain community land trust for ownership of land. for example, in colorado, usa, ecobuilders where able to eliminate costs by building on cheap land in a absent .


load bearing internal walls are minimised to allow rearrangements of the interior spaces, and the build technology is such that local trades can carry out alterations and easy maintenance. for the health of the householder, and the planet, an ecohouse should be built with materials that are free, wherever possible, from toxins or harmful products of the petrochemical industry.

wood preservation

this is done by reacting the wood with acetic anhydride, which comes from acetic acid. when free hydroxyl groups are transformed to acetyl groups, the ability of the wood to absorb water is greatly reduced, rendering the wood more dimensionally stable and, because it is no longer digestible, extremely durable. in general, softwoods naturally have an acetyl content from 0.5 to 1.5 and more .


truss derives from the old french word trousse, from around 1200, which means collection of things bound together. the term truss has often been used to describe any assembly of members such as a cruck frame or a couple of rafters. one engineering definition is: a truss is a single plane framework of individual structural member sic connected at their ends of forms a series of triangle .

via fence

isolation can be further improved by placing a metal wall on top of the via fence. these walls commonly form part of the device enclosure. the large holes in the via fences seen in figures 1 and 5 are screw holes for clamping these walls in place. the wall casting belonging to this circuit is shown in figure 3. figure 4. via hole equivalent circuit. the design of the fence needs to consider .

reclaimed lumber

reclaimed lumber is processed wood retrieved from its original application for purposes of subsequent use. most reclaimed lumber comes from timbers and decking rescued from old barns , factories and warehouses, although some companies use wood from less traditional structures such as boxcars, coal mines and wine barrels .