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it was frequently used for such purposes as furnace flues, roof shingles, siding, soffit and fascia panels, and wallboard for areas where fire retardancy is particularly important. it was also used in walkin coolers made in large supermarkets in the 1960s, 1970s and even the 1980s. other uses included roof drain piping, water piping, sanitary sewer drain piping, laboratory fume hood panels .

domestic roof construction

some roofing materials help reduce air conditioning costs in hot climates by being designed to reflect light. asphalt shingles is the most used roofing material in north america, making up as much as 75 of all steep slope roofs. this type of material is also gaining popularity in europe due to lower installation costs.

reflective surfaces climate engineering

today 39s cool roof pigments allow metal roofing products to be energystar rated in dark colors, . or white gravel cover would appear to be the best approach to control these problems where membranes must be left exposed to solar radiation. if all urban, flat roofs in warm climates were whitened, the resulting 10 increase in global reflectivity would offset the warming effect of 24 gigatonnes .

bituminous waterproofing

roofing felt similar to tar paper is the base material used to make roof shingles and roll roofing. used for decades as waterproof coverings in residential and commercial roofs, these bitumen compositional membranes incorporate two layers. the first underside polymer membrane is used as a solid background, often reinforced with glass fibers. mineral granules make up the selfprotective top .

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the typical new roof in residential construction from new england to oregon northern usa is composed of: rafters. plywood or osb oriented strand board roofing these completely cover the roof except at vents and other penetrations also known as the roof deck . sheathing a waterresistant 39paper 39 or plastic sheeting, found in newer homes . underlayment usually tar paper of various .

roof coating

a roof coating is a monolithic, fully adhered, fluid applied roofing membrane. many roof coatings are elastomeric, that is, they have elastic properties that allow them to stretch and return to their original shape without damage.. typical roof coating dry film thickness vary from paint film thickness plus or minus 0.075 mm 3 dry mils to more than 1 mm 40 dry mils .

choosing roof shingle style and color

choosing roof shingle style and color. emily videtto, executive director of residential roofing at gaf, provides tips for choosing the right roof shingle color and style for your home.

green roofing and siding: earthfriendly options for your .

solar shingles can be integrated with existing roofing or cover an entire roof, and though current options tend to be on the pricey side, demand is bringing those numbers down for a great value in .

wood shingle

roof shingles of fitzroya came to be used as money called real de alerce. gallery. wood shingles fir abies alba mill. from the year 1467 in the all saints church in laziska, upper silesia, poland. church of corpus christi, gutz, czech republic. detail of shingle roof view of the underside of wood shingle roof installed on strapping. tranby house, western australia this highly decorative .

roof shingle

etymology. shingle is a corruption of german schindle schindel meaning a roofing slate. shingles historically were called tiles and shingle was a term applied to wood shingles, as is still mostly the case outside the us. shingles are laid in courses usually with each shingle offset from its neighbors. the first course is the starter course and the last being a ridge course or ridge slates .


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depending on the region, other commonly applied roofing materials installed by roofers include concrete tiles, clay tiles, natural or synthetic slate, singleply primarily epdm rubber, pvc, or tpo , rubber shingles made from recycled tires , glass, metal panels or shingles, wood shakes or shingles, liquidapplied, hot asphalt/rubber, foam, thatch, and solar tiles. living roof systems, or rooftop landscapes, have become increasingly common in recent years in both residential and .


the slate roof is often considered the best type of roofing. a slate roof may last 75 to 150 years, and even longer. however, slate roofs are often expensive to install in the usa, for example, a slate roof may have the same cost as the rest of the house.


shingles, also known as zoster or herpes zoster, is a viral disease characterized by a painful skin rash with blisters in a localized area. typically the rash occurs in a single, wide stripe either on the left or right side of the body or face. two to four days before the rash occurs there may be tingling or local pain in the area. otherwise there are typically few symptoms though some may .

radiant barrier

when radiant solar energy strikes a roof, heating the roofing material shingles, tiles or roofing sheets and roof sheathing by conduction, it causes the underside of the roof surface and the roof framing to radiate heat downward through the roof space attic / ceiling cavity toward the attic floor / upper ceiling surface. when a radiant barrier is placed between the roofing material and the .

asphalt shingle

an asphalt shingle is a type of wall or roof shingle that uses asphalt for waterproofing. it is one of the most widely used roofing covers in north america because it has a relatively inexpensive upfront cost and is fairly simple to install.

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owens corning is best known for its fiberglass insulation products, but it actually makes a wide array of building materials. you 39ll find roofing shingles among its product lines, and it also has .

list of united states tornadoes from january to march 2020

shingles were removed from the roof of a hunting club, the roof was lifted slightly off a house, and the roof of a metal storage building was tossed and overturned. hundreds of decoy ducks were tossed and broken, and numerous trees were snapped or uprooted in town. ef1 se of spearsville: union: la: 08:1908:23 3.05 mi 4.91 km 250 yd 230 m metal roofs were ripped from several chicken .